Natalie Koss assists salespeople in collecting their unpaid sales commissions. It is unlawful for your employer to withhold commissions on sales made during your employment. Whether you’re currently employed or recently terminated, you may be able to recover your unpaid sales commissions. Ms. Koss is experienced in representing sales professionals who are owed commissions.

Attorney Natalie Koss assisted a technology salesperson in winning one of the largest unpaid sales commission judgments in Washington, DC, for $1.1 million.

Natalie Koss has extensive and specialized experience representing salespeople and sales managers from many industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Computers & Software
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Media & Communications
  • Building Materials & Construction
  • Federal Government Contracting
  • Financial Services & Securities

Sales Commissions & Bonuses

Employers must pay you all wages, including sales commissions, before you are terminated. Your employer may be liable for damages if they refuse to pay you.

You may earn a commission or contractual bonus by closing a sale or performing the majority of the work required for a project. Don’t let an employer tell you that it was a team effort. Ask our attorneys for advice on the next step.

State laws may protect certain wages even if you previously waived them. You are entitled to your compensation.

Breach of Contract, Unlawful Acts & Discrimination

Salespeople, like any employee, may be due damages due to unlawful acts and discrimination in addition to unpaid commission claims. Oftentimes, salespeople are denied their commissions, or employers treat them unfairly, due to discrimination, including race, sex or another type of discrimination. When you contact the Firm, we will review your employment history and reasons for termination in order to identify additional claims that may increase your award for damages.

In a recent arbitration matter, Natalie Koss represented a Federal sector technology salesperson who won a $2.8 million award for claims related to Family and Medical Leave Act interference and retaliation.

Legal Counsel & Professional Advising

You don’t have to be terminated to benefit from experienced legal counsel. Natalie Koss has advised top producing salespeople on strategies to protect their job and commission income from the threat of lost accounts and territory. Salespeople oftentimes face a change in sales managers who may arbitrarily choose to harm your income for any number of personal reasons. The Firm will work with you to help you understand the steps you may take to protect your income and employment.

Whistleblowers & Retaliation

An employer is not allowed to retaliate against you for reporting an act that is illegal or against formal company policy. Many companies, however, retaliate against whistleblowers by moving them to lower producing territories, removing key accounts or performing other acts that greatly harm the salesperson’s commissions. Natalie Koss has helped many salespeople who have faced such retaliation.

Arbitration Clauses: Employment Contracts, Binding Arbitration & FINRA

Salesperson employment contracts may include a mandatory arbitration clause. This means an arbitration panel, not a court, must hear your claims and award a binding judgement. The arbitration process differs in many fundamental ways, and our firm is highly experienced in the steps involved in securing a judgement through arbitration. We also have experience with mandatory FINRA arbitration for securities brokers and financial services professionals. Natalie Koss has won multi-million dollar arbitration judgments for clients who worked as salespeople. Her skillful representation of a client has even been noted by an arbitrator in an award decision.

Non-Compete Agreements

Ms. Koss advises salespeople on the enforceability of non-compete agreements. The Firm will review agreements before you sign them and assist in helping you understand the restrictive covenants, and their enforceability, after leaving your job. When litigation results from an alleged breach of a non-compete agreement, Ms. Koss is available to review any matter for representation in defending employees from lawsuits.