Lawyers for Securities Professionals, FINRA Arbitrations & Unpaid Commissions

Mandatory FINRA arbitration is the opportunity for securities professionals to resolve employment and unpaid commission disputes in their favor.

Our employment lawyers are experienced in representing securities professionals in employment, discrimination, compensation, commission and bonus disputes with brokerage firms. We will represent you in mediation and arbitration, or in any matter involving the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Unpaid Compensation, Bonus & Commission Disputes

We represent brokers in any compensation claim against a brokerage firm, including unpaid commissions and bonuses, as well as unpaid bonuses after termination. We believe that bonuses are deferred compensation due to you.

Accuracy of FINRA Records

We represent securities professionals in expunging false, misleading or defamatory information from their professional records. We can help in matters involving the accuracy of your U-4 and U-5 information.

Employment Claims & Discrimination

You may have additional employment claims, including breach of contract, wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, defamation and unpaid overtime pay. We will review your case for every possible employment claim.

You Should Have Legal Representation in Mediation

An attorney will represent your employer in mediation and arbitration. You should be on equal footing. Consult with an attorney who has experience in handling FINRA arbitration and employment law.