About The Firm

The Potomac Legal Group is a full-service law office led by Natalie Koss, Esq.

Ms. Koss thrives upon building relationships with her clients and offers specialized legal services at a boutique firm’s rates to clients while providing exceptional and effective legal counsel.

Natalie Koss is a highly experienced attorney who specializes in employment law, Federal employee representation, general litigation and arbitrations. She has won awards worth millions of dollars for her clients. In addition to representation in proceedings, Ms. Koss regularly counsels clients and provides representation in employment, contract negotiations and more.

Experience and results are the most significant factors when choosing a lawyer. Ms. Koss aims to provide the highest level of service to her clients.

Recent News

Federal Employment Litigation: Discrimination & Equal Pay

A recent news article discusses an equal pay lawsuit brought by a female Federal employee against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The plaintiff, who is represented by Natalie M. Koss, alleges that the agency is discriminating against her due to her gender by paying her significantly less than her male counterparts.

Timeshare Ownership Termination

Natalie Koss, managing partner, appeared on ABC’s local news network to discuss timeshare termination during the 7 On Your Side segment. Ms. Koss discussed representation in seeking timeshare contract cancellations. Video and transcript from the segment are available on WJLA’s web site.

Timeshare Cancellation

The Baltimore Business Journal interviewed Natalie Koss, Managing Partner, about the process for exiting a timeshare. The timeshare industry’s recent growth has resulted in fraudulent sales practices that has created consumer demand for Potomac Legal Group’s experience in representing timeshare owners.

Pregnancy Accommodation Acts

The Society of Human Resource Management quoted Natalie Koss about a new wave of pregnancy accommodation acts sweeping across the country. Ms. Koss explained how jurisdictions are interpreting the new laws by looking to guidance from California, which has extensive pregnancy accommodation case law.

False Claims Act Retaliation Lawsuit

Travel industry news site Skift published a comprehensive article about a Federal False Claims Act lawsuit filed by Potomac Legal Group on behalf of a client whose employer terminated her in retaliation for reporting unlawful activities.