Timeshare Dispute Representation

Timeshares often become an expensive, frustrating and regrettable purchase for their owners. The Potomac Legal Group is experienced in representing timeshare owners. We have negotiated timeshare sales contract cancellations and terminations, and we have assisted in timeshare sales transactions. We represent timeshare owners in disputes involving management associations, fraud and misrepresentation, as well as runaway management fees and special assessments.

If you believe you have a legal matter with a timeshare developer, or a fractional ownership management association, you may contact us to review your claims. Our timeshare real estate practice attorneys will evaluate your case and recommend a strategy for your situation. We have helped timeshare owners through negotiation and settlement. We will litigate timeshare disputes when necessary.

Timeshare Cancellation & Termination

We’ve helped owners negotiate timeshare sales contract cancellations and terminations with resort developers. There are times when timeshare developers will cancel or terminate your contract and take back possession of your deed, especially after discovering their liability relating to fraud, misrepresentation, deception or non-compliance with real estate and consumer protection laws.

Timeshare Sales Transactions

If you find a buyer for your timeshare, you may contact us to help complete the transaction. Please speak with an attorney before listing your timeshare with a timeshare resale company. The resale industry is rife with unscrupulous businesses. Resale companies generally require timeshare owners to pay up-front fees, listing fees and other miscellaneous fees to make their property available for sale. Timeshare owners often report that they have little to no success in selling their timeshare through a resale company.

Timeshare Costs & Sales Deception

The costs of owning a timeshare don’t end with the purchase price and financing rate. Every month or year, you pay maintenance fees that increase, on a national average, of 8% per year. Your heirs will continue to carry burden of maintenance fees and special assessments, since timeshare contracts will pass to your heirs.

Generally, this type of information may not be presented to buyers in timeshare sales presentations. Sales presentations also may exclude information about the dates when a timeshare would be unavailable for use, or when you’re not permitted to rent out your timeshare. If you have been surprised about timeshare management practices, or timeshare availability or costs, you may contact us to review your claims.

Our attorneys will review your case if you believe you were misled or deceived when buying your timeshare.

Timeshares & Consumer Protection Laws

Timeshare sales often fail to comply with consumer protection statutes. Many timeshare developers are careful to follow rules related to real estate sales and purchases, but they fail to comply with consumer protection laws governing goods and services. These laws would apply to the property’s furnishings, buildings, housekeeping, maintenance staff and management.

Additionally, timeshare developers often fail to disclose ancillary probate if the buyer dies while a resident of another state and the costs of certain events to the management association, such as foreclosure against owners who default, clearing title to a unit, and liability exposure from other owners’ actions. The Potomac Legal Group is experienced at searching for rescission options within consumer protection statutes that may apply to you.

Timeshare companies also may have breached the purchase contract, or broken a law, if they begin adding new fees and charges, restricting the length of your stays, blocking dates when you may make a reservation, or adding new policies that make your timeshare more difficult to use.


Rescission is a “cooling off period” that provides you a certain number of days after the purchase to cancel your timeshare contract with no penalty. The amount of time you have to cancel your contract depends on the state in which you purchased the timeshare.

Timeshare Litigation

We are attorneys experienced in timeshares, real estate, contracts, consumer rights and litigation. Our firm has been successful in working with timeshare owners to find relief from their timeshare purchase contracts. Our attorneys focus on negotiations with developers and identifying consumer protection violations relating to timeshares. As a last resort, we can initiate litigation and manage your case through trial.