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Our firm represents health care providers in employment negotiations, terminations and employment disputes. As specialists in employment law, we have extensive experience in assisting all medical and dental professionals in employment claims and severance negotiations.

As large organizations have taken over health care services, medical professionals today find themselves facing complex employment matters, breached employment contracts and sudden terminations. We have witnessed hospital corporations and government contractors facing a vast number of employment claims in Prince Georges County and Montgomery County, Maryland, as well as Washington, DC, and Fairfax, Virginia.

Severance Agreements & Pay

Hospital companies, medical groups and government contractors routinely terminate doctors, nurses and dentists. Employers frequently offer severance agreements upon termination that include severance pay and health benefits for a short period of time. In exchange, severance agreements always require employees to give up their right to sue the employer for any reason.

We recommend to always consult with an attorney before signing a severance agreement. Many employees are able to increase their severance pay and benefits when an attorney negotiates on their behalf. We will also review your employment history to determine if any of your rights have been violated and use this information in negotiating an enhanced severance package.

Even if you are terminated for cause, you may be able to negotiate changes to the severance terms with a lawyer’s help.

Severance agreements are one of the most frequent legal services that we provide to our employment law clients. We have developed a speciality in negotiating severance agreements, and we understand complex employment situations. In our experience, employers nearly always attach a deadline to a severance agreement so don’t delay contacting an attorney to review your matter.

Layoffs & Reduction in Force

Hospital corporations and government contractors are frequently laying off large numbers of employees, particularly nurses and medical technicians. In mass layoffs, employers are required to follow the WARN Act. Regardless of the type of termination you face, we will review your situation and aggressively represent you to protect your rights, severance pay and future ability to work in your profession.

Employment Disputes: Discrimination & Unequal Pay

Race, gender and age discrimination happen to all types of health care providers. According to EEOC charge statistics, age discrimination alone has increased 24%. Hospital corporations are finding it cheaper to terminate older, experienced doctors and nurses in favor of younger and cheaper labor.

Health care management may violate employee rights by engaging in racial and gender bias when considering promotions, pay rates and raises. Discrimination also may play a role in the daily management functions of assigning duties and schedules.

You don’t have to be terminated to bring a discrimination or unequal pay claim against your employer. We have helped clients to resolve these claims with their employer without losing their job. If you have been terminated and believe you have a claim, you should contact us right away. Federal and state employment regulations have specific deadlines that terminated employees must meet in order to file a claim.

Employment Law & Litigation

In the event that an employer refuses to settle a valid claim, we will represent you in all phases of litigating the matter. We are highly experienced litigators with a record of effective representation in employment cases.

We look forward to helping you.

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