Bank Negligence, Embezzlement, Fraud & Cyber-Hacking

We represent clients who have lost bank account funds due to bank negligence. Our attorneys advise and assist individuals and businesses in making claims against banks to recover lost funds. Banks are required to protect account holders from theft and fraud. When they fail, they may be liable for the financial losses, and victims of stolen funds have three years to file suit against the bank.

The Uniform Commercial Code

Under the Uniform Commercial Code, banks are required to act in a commercially reasonable manner in the opening and maintenance of bank accounts. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In fact, billions of dollars are lost each year to employee embezzlers, conspirators, fraudsters, thieves and hackers, who steal account information and circumnavigate the bank’s policies, procedures and online fraud prevention efforts. When bank employees and tellers fail to follow standard banking policies, they contribute to the ease in which criminals steal account holders’ funds.

Losses, Embezzlement & Cyber-Hacking

Individuals and businesses can suffer significant losses because banks fail to follow their own policies and procedures in preventing theft and fraud. Victims often lose funds through unauthorized ACH transfers, fraudulent checks with improper endorsements, unauthorized bank withdrawals, unauthorized wire transfers and fraudulent checks with forged maker signatures.

Businesses are very susceptible to bank account losses through employee embezzlement or simply cyber hackers who find ways to access online business bank accounts. In order to embezzle from business accounts, an employee needs very little of the company’s financial information. Embezzlement has become commonplace in business, as employees with easy access to account and financial information are making fraudulent transfers or writing fraudulent checks that result in huge losses for businesses. Cyber hackers find ways to access bank account information through company computers that are vulnerable to cyber attack.

Recovering Damages

Our banking negligence team is highly experienced in resolving cases and recovering damages. We have experience working in multiple jurisdictions against regional and nationwide banks.

Bank Negligence Legal Services

  • Fraud & Misrepresentation
  • Bank Negligence Litigation
  • Unauthorized Transactions
  • Cyber hacking
  • Uniform Commercial Code Violations
  • Fraudulent Checks
  • Unauthorized ACH Transfers