Federal Employment Law Attorneys:
Experienced Representation for Federal Employees

Potomac Legal Group advises and represents federal employees in many types of matters, including discrimination and harassment complaints, EEOC hearings, federal agency or inspector general investigations and responding to proposed disciplinary and adverse actions.
Our attorneys also provide representation in whistleblower cases, retaliation matters and security clearance issues. Our Firm additionally offers appellate representation.

The Firm provides representation to federal employees throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, and federal employees who have a home office in any of these regions. In addition to EEOC hearings, our attorneys have represented federal employees in federal district courts and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation

Federal employees who have experienced discrimination, harassment or retaliation should request a review of their matter from an attorney at Potomac Legal Group. Any federal employee with discrimination, harassment or retaliation claims may submit a complaint that could lead to an EEOC hearing, or an option to initiate litigation in federal court.

Experienced legal guidance is important in filing complaints against a federal employer, as many claims are subject to statutes of limitation and must be reported by specific deadlines after the action has occurred. Identifying every aspect of a discriminatory experience can be complicated. An experienced employment attorney at our Firm will review your entire matter and assess every area in which you could make a claim. We will help you prevent missing any time-limited claims.

Contact Potomac Legal Group to schedule a consultation to determine whether your rights were violated. Discrimination covers numerous protected groups and includes age, gender, race and many more. Discriminatory actions also cover equal pay claims, as well as harassment, sexual harassment and retaliation in response to making a discrimination complaint.

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Litigation & EEOC Hearings

The attorneys at Potomac Legal Group are litigators. Our Firm has significant experience representing federal employees in EEOC hearings, federal district court and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Our attorneys have represented clients in litigation matters that have included gender (sex) discrimination and retaliation, race discrimination, equal pay claims and more.

We have navigated litigation against various federal agencies and represented clients in highly complex matters, including litigation where an agency attempted to conceal important evidence. We have overcome significant obstacles created by agency attorneys to uncover the evidence to support claims to argue the strongest possible case.

While litigation and EEOC hearings may, at times, feel burdensome, our attorneys are adept and aggressively seeking resolution while providing you the information and guidance throughout the process. We always advocate for you to seek the best possible outcome.

If you have already been granted an EEOC hearing, you may contact Potomac Legal Group as soon as possible to review your matter for representation during the hearing. The agency will have a team of lawyers to represent its interests, and you have the right to have an attorney represent you. You will need a lawyer to level the playing field and fight for you.

Investigations & Proposed Disciplinary and Adverse Actions

Potomac Legal Group represents federal employees who are subject to agency investigations and inspector general investigations. Our attorneys will review your matter and provide representation in preparing for investigation interviews while advising you throughout the process. Our experienced lawyers will also assist you in identifying the underlying reasons for an investigation, such as investigations launched in retaliation for reporting employment discrimination or participation in a whistleblower activity.

Our attorneys are also experienced in assisting federal employees in replying to proposed disciplinary and adverse actions. Many federal employees find themselves in positions of having their federal career stalled or halted due to mistakes, fraudulent claims or in retaliation for making a discrimination claim. Failing to respond appropriately to these actions can derail a successful federal career.

The lawyers at Potomac Legal Group can advise and represent you when responding to disciplinary and adverse actions, and our attorneys will review your entire matter to determine whether you have associated claims you can raise against an agency.

Our attorneys have even represented agency managers who became subjects of investigations based on the unsubstantiated claims of subordinates, who in each case disagreed with the manager’s management style or policy enforcement. Investigations and discipline based on these fraudulent claims, or in retaliation for any action, are real experiences that federal employees, unfortunately, face all too often. Our Firm has the experience to help you.

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