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At Potomac Legal Group, we have one purpose. We are here to seek results for clients.

The Firm is proud of its outcomes. Whether navigating complex litigation, negotiating settlements, or providing strategic counsel, our attorneys seek justice and favorable results through hard work, an understanding of the law and effective strategy. We invest the time it takes to improve the likelihood that an outcome is favorable for every client.

We have selected notable settlements and awards from recent years to showcase our record of results.

Notable Awards, Decisions & Settlements

$2,854,621.08 | FMLA Arbitration Award

We won for our client, a Federal sector sales professional, an arbitration award of $2,854,621.08, for the employer’s violation of our client’s Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rights. The multi-million dollar award is among the highest amounts awarded in this type of matter.

$208,637.29 | Sales Commissions Arbitration Award

We won more than $208,637.29 for our client, a Federal sector technology salesperson, in a dispute over the classification of sales deals as new sales or renewals – a common area of disagreement between salespeople and employers. We succeeded in arguing that the employer incorrectly categorized sales and refused to provide documentation regarding closed deals.

$715,000.00 | Federal Employee Settlement

In one of the largest settlements from the agency, the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, agreed to pay our client $715,000, which included damages for Title VII and ADA claims, lost wages, medical costs and attorney’s fees. The federal employee also received full reinstatement with restoration of hundreds of hours of sick and annual leave.

Managing Partner Natalie Koss secured the settlement after defeating a motion for summary judgment. The hard-won victory in defeating summary judgment demonstrated that Ms. Koss would prevail in securing a substantial award for her client during a damages hearing. The agency subsequently agreed to settlement negotiations and continued to be adversarial. Ms. Koss fought for her client until the agency relented and agreed to a significant settlement.

Saved a Small Business | Successfully Defeated Preliminary Injunction

Managing Partner and lead attorney Natalie Koss defeated a preliminary injunction motion brought against her clients, Michael Danjczek and Kristin Money, the owners of a Virginia-based financial advisory firm, by their former employer, Clark & Associates Financial Services Inc., who alleged they breached the restrictive covenant in their employment agreements relating to the solicitation of clients. Ms. Koss successfully argued that the covenant was not enforceable, and the court agreed. Ms. Koss saved her clients from significant damages. The victory allowed our clients to continue operating their business and advertising their services to every consumer. The new small business is thriving.

$619,700.00 | Employment Discrimination Settlement

We successfully negotiated a significant settlement for our client, who worked as a senior financial sector employee.

$300,000.00 | Federal Employment Settlement

The Firm recently represented a federal employee at the Assistant Director level against a United States government agency. Attorneys Natalie Koss and Jasmine Santos successfully secured a lucrative settlement with the agency after enduring months of complex settlement negotiations and litigating the case in federal district court.

Selected Recent Results

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