Natalie M. Koss, Esq., Managing Partner

natalieAs a seasoned litigator, Ms. Koss has a record of achieving outstanding results for her clients in employment, federal employment and commercial matters. She has litigated or participated in cases involving many areas of commercial litigation, including contract, real estate, labor and intellectual property disputes.

Employment Law, Litigation & Severance Agreements

As part of her employment, federal employment and labor law practice, Ms. Koss has litigated and secured settlements for numerous clients with employment claims, including gender and pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, age discrimination, race discrimination and more. She has litigated cases to enforce employee rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the D.C. Human Rights Act and Title VII. Ms. Koss frequently counsels employees and professionals about severance agreements and represents them in severance package negotiations.

Natalie Koss maintains a substantial federal employment practice. Ms. Koss has significant experience representing federal employees in litigation and EEOC hearings, and she is an experienced advocate in EEOC mediation. Ms. Koss also counsels and represents federal employees in federal agency or inspector general investigations and in responding to proposed disciplinary and adverse actions.

Ms. Koss represents employees seeking assistance to understand or negotiate severance agreements. She has most recently negotiated lucrative severance and compensation packages for C-level executives, media executives, division managers, IT executives, computer software salespeople, government contractor executives, doctors and healthcare professionals and administrative assistants.

Ms. Koss is experienced in counseling and litigating claims related to non-compete agreements, employment contract disputes and sales commission disputes. In a recent sales commission lawsuit, Ms. Koss helped her client win a $1.1 million jury verdict.

Bank Negligence & Accounting Negligence

Ms. Koss is highly experienced in bank negligence and accounting negligence litigation. She has successfully litigated bank negligence cases, with damages valued into the millions of dollars, by asserting claims under the Uniform Commercial Code for acts of bank employee negligence, unauthorized ACH and wire transfers, unauthorized or fraudulent withdrawals, and other acts of negligence. Ms. Koss has litigated claims against accounting firms for negligence in failing to uncover acts of embezzlement.


Ms. Koss is a member of the District of Columbia Bar where she served as the Chair of the Practice Management Service Committee and Nominations Committee. She serves as the Chair of the Solo and Small Practice Committee of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia. Ms. Koss is also an active member of the Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association. Ms. Koss is admitted to practice in both the District of Columbia and Maryland.