We Specialize in Business & Employment Contracts

Business Contracts

We assist businesses in drafting, negotiating and enforcing contracts. We prepare and review contracts that protect a business and its interests throughout the lifespan of the contract. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating contracts for many purposes, from general business transactions, licensing and real estate deals to major sales and mergers.

Contract Enforcement & Litigation

As litigators, we have the skills to enforce the terms of a business contract through demands and litigation. We represent corporations, small businesses, trade associations, non-profits, solo professionals and medical and dental practices.

Tech Companies

Our legal team has strategies to help tech businesses protect their ideas, intellectual property and trade secrets from competitors and employee poaching. We support the tech community in Washington, DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia, and we’re experienced in the challenges that startups and funded companies face in a fast-moving market.

Our Business Contract Experience

  • Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Commercial Leases
  • Joint Ventures
  • Investor Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Business Mergers
  • Partnership & Operating Agreements
  • Licensing: Intellectual Property (IP) & Copyrights

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Employment Contracts

We represent employees and businesses in understanding and negotiating many types of employment contracts, as well as employee agreements that protect information and trade secrets. We work with many types of professionals, including business executives, doctors, tech developers, and commission salespeople.

Contract Negotiation & Severance Agreements

We review contracts, provide strategic advice and negotiate on your behalf at the beginning or end of your employment. We assist employees in maximizing the value of their time and work product. Our employment attorneys are experts in negotiating severance agreements to secure better terms for severance pay, health benefits and termination classification.

Salespeople & Unpaid Sales Commissions

For salespeople, our firm offers unique specialization in unpaid sales commissions. We assist top-producing salespeople in collecting commissions, incentive pay and bonuses that employers promised in written or oral contracts.

We have represented salespeople from many fields, including: tech, software, pharmaceutical, financial services (FINRA) and government contracting. Our lawyers have won one of the largest unpaid sales commission judgments in the Washington, DC, region.

Our Employment Contract Experience

  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Salesperson Commission & Compensation
  • Executive Compensation
  • Work-For-Hire Agreements
  • Independent Contractors & Consultant Agreements
  • Developer Agreements

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