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The lawyers at Potomac Legal Group are strategic, problem solving professionals. We create forward-thinking strategies and rely on the knowledge we’ve built from extensive litigation experience. During a legal dispute, when an issue seems insurmountable, we do not back down. We develop a plan to overcome the problem. We never quit.

 For every client, we provide seasoned counsel, personal service and an unwavering commitment in seeking a resolution to all legal matters. We look forward to speaking with you.


FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT LAWSUIT: We successfully represented a female employee in an equal pay lawsuit against her Federal agency employer in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The Federal employee earned less than her male counterparts over a significant period of time. Our Firm negotiated a favorable settlement for our client prior to the trial date.

EMPLOYMENT RETALIATION LAWSUIT: Our Firm represented an employee terminated in retaliation for pursuing whistleblower rights relating to a kickback scheme designed by the employer. Through aggressive representation, as well as news media coverage, we advocated for our client and demonstrated the Firm’s resolve. The defendant relented and agreed to a significant financial settlement for our client.

UNPAID SALES COMMISSION LAWSUIT: We represented a high-producing media sales executive in pursuing a six figure unpaid sales commission from a former employer, who had terminated the sales person instead of paying the commission due. Our Firm filed a Federal lawsuit on behalf of our client. After asserting our client’s commission claims, the employer agreed to negotiate a settlement amount instead of defending the claims in court.

EMPLOYMENT & PREGNANCY DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT: The Firm represented a female employee of a technology company terminated for taking pregnancy and medically necessary leave. After we won a motion to dismiss filed by the defendant, the employer authorized a settlement negotiation. We resolved the case with our client receiving a substantial settlement.

SEVERANCE AGREEMENTS: Our Firm negotiated multiple severance agreements that resulted in larger severance pay and benefits for our clients. In several instances, the Firm identified valid claims of discrimination based on age or gender and successfully negotiated additional severance pay for affected clients. The employers were part of several industries, including software sales, hospitality, technology, health care, trade associations and federal government contracting.


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Featured Employment Law Services


We represent employees in every type of discrimination claim, including age, race, gender, pregnancy, medical, disability, sexual orientation, harassment and more. Our attorneys counsel employees as they experience workplace discrimination, or after termination. We pursue claims under the relevant state or Federal law, and our Firm assists in preparing EEOC charges.Read More


Wrongful termination is any termination that has no lawful basis. Many employees are surprised when terminated. They only discover afterward that the termination was due to a discriminatory action, retaliation or another unlawful reason. Our Firm investigates terminations to determine whether your rights were violated, and we create a legal strategy for pursuing claims.Read More


Our Firm specializes in representing Federal employees. We have experience in discrimination and equal pay disputes, Federal employee EEOC hearings, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Proposed Disciplinary & Adverse Actions. We have counseled employees in complex matters and management disputes.Read More


We represent employees who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. Our attorneys have experience in representing harassment victims with appropriate sensitivity and compassion. We pursue claims against the responsible individuals and employers with a strategy that protects victims.Read More


Employees should never sign a severance agreement without a legal review. Our lawyers will determine if your compensation is fair. We will explain how the agreement may impact your ability to work for another employer. If you choose to negotiate, you can rely on us to advocate for terms and payments that are fair to you.Read More


We are specialists in unpaid commissions, notably in the Federal sales and technology sales sectors. We have collected a significant amount in commissions for high earning sales people. Our lead litigator assisted a salesperson in winning a $1.1 million commission judgment, which is one of the largest in Washington, DC.Read More


The Firm reviews and negotiates employment, partnership and severance agreements for doctors, dentists and other health care providers. We represent providers who previously signed restrictive employment agreements in negotiating their exit from those agreements. Our litigators represent doctors and dentists in partnership disputes and lawsuits.Read More


Our attorneys are experienced litigators. When our efforts to negotiate or pursue a resolution fail to convince the opposing party to settle a matter, the Firm will execute litigation strategies to aggressively pursue claims for our clients. In some cases, a client may be bound by an arbitration contract. In any situation, we will fight and advocate for our clients until reaching a resolution. Read More