Natalie Koss Represents Disabled Veteran & Sues NetCentrics & Haystax Technology for Unlawful Termination


August 1, 2017
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Lawsuit Reveals Pattern of Employment Discrimination at NetCentrics Corp. & Haystax Technology

Federal IT Contractor Targeted & Fired Disabled Female Veteran Employee

WASHINGTON, DC –Ramona Gomez, a disabled Marine Corps veteran, filed a lawsuit against her employers NetCentrics Corp., and Haystax Technology, after the companies terminated her for taking medically-necessary leave even though Ms. Gomez had a stellar record as a professional employee. Ms. Gomez has discovered that she is not alone. A lawsuit that Ms. Gomez filed against NetCentrics and Haystax Technology in the Eastern District of Virginia has revealed a pattern of employment discrimination targeting women over age 40 and employees with medical conditions for termination.

Since filing her lawsuit against NetCentrics and Haystax Technology for intentional discrimination based upon disability, age and sex, Ms. Gomez through her attorneys Natalie M. Koss and Kassandra Haynes of Potomac Legal Group PLLC and Ryan Posey of Posey Lebowitz, have uncovered other former employees who allege that they were also terminated for medically-related disability and retaliation after taking medically-necessary leave.

Ms. Gomez, a Hispanic-American woman, retired from the Marine Corps as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 after twenty years of service. As a result of her military service, Ms. Gomez suffers from chronic hip pain that restricts her movement and walking ability, as well as her ability to drive. She has endured multiple painful surgeries to alleviate her pain and improve movement.

According to Plaintiff Ramona Gomez, after she returned from leave, NetCentrics retaliated against Ms. Gomez by removing her from contract assignments and, ultimately, terminating her. The complaint also alleges that NetCentrics replaced Ms. Gomez with two male employees and that she was not the only woman over the age of 40 to receive a termination letter for taking medical leave. During the pendency of the litigation, Ms. Gomez has learned of other former employees alleging nearly identical claims against the companies for discriminatory conduct.

“Disability, gender and age discrimination are rampant at Haystax and NetCentrics,” stated Natalie Koss, Managing Partner of Potomac Legal Group PLLC and lead counsel for Plaintiff Ramona Gomez. “The actions of Haystax and NetCentrics across various departments confirm that Ms. Gomez’s case is not an anomaly, but rather reflective of both companies engaging in discriminatory conduct against those with disabilities and those who take medical leave. The companies are also subjecting employees to age and sex discrimination.”

Ms. Gomez has brought claims against NetCentrics and Haystax Technology for intentional discrimination based on her sex, age, disability and use of medical leave, all in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

“We are holding these companies responsible for their abhorrent treatment of a disabled veteran with a stellar record,” said Ms. Koss. “These employers will learn that they cannot engage in discrimination or retaliation when an employee requires medical leave, and no employee should lose a job based on their gender, disability or age.”

“Discrimination is vile in itself, but it is particularly troubling to me when a government contractor entrusted with public funds engages in illegal discrimination in hiring and firing,” said Mr. Posey.

NetCentrics and Haystax Technology, based in Herndon, Va., are owned by the private equity firm Edgewater Funds founded in Chicago, Ill., and headed by managing partner James Gordon.

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